Terms and Conditions

Introduction and acceptance of the Terms of Use

-No one can use any type of our service in any illegal way. If this is discovered, your account will be closed immediately.

-In the absence of any deposit or suspicion of your transaction, your account will be frozen until you confirm the sending person or client

-When transferring any customer to any bank, cryptocurrency or any other means of payment, you must make sure that it sends the correct address of our site and also when you receive it

-Money, any cryptocurrency, or any payment method, make sure you have the correct address

-We cannot provide any assistance to any customer who has transferred from our site or from any account not affiliated with us

-It is not allowed to transfer less than the minimum amount attached to our website

-People from outside our site or anyone who tells you on social media sites does not work with us and we send you money. We are not responsible for this or for losing your money.

-We AR-Exchange are not responsible for erecting you from outside our site

-Transactions or some rates may take a maximum of 4 hours and sometimes may take more time than usual, sometimes the processing time ends and did not send, but need to worry only continue with support

- All Vodafone and Vodafone Cash numbers used are for transfers only and are not available for correspondence or making calls

- When transferring to our Vodafone and Vodafone Cash numbers, the transfer must be made from a number you own, transfer is not allowed through a number you do not own, and the number must be active and allowed to receive calls, we may sometimes have to confirm some transactions by phone